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WELCOME TO Swisskem Healthcare

Swisskem Healthcare launched business initially in India where in solid steps has gained the Indian market showing conscientiousness and consistency for 2 decades. From the early days Soaps and Derma cosmetics were the core business and the portfolio was gradually enriched.
Nowadays, there are complete series for all cosmetic needs (moisturizing and anti-aging face & body treatment) and special dermatological needs (acne, psoriasis, atopy, feminine care, baby & kid care, hair care, sun protection).

Our Philosophy

Synergy of dermaceutical care on pharmaceutical treatment. Providing complete treatment to skin care difficulties. To make a difference in people’s everyday life by providing high quality products. To maintain a policy of respect and honesty towards the customer

Our Vision

To lead the way by advancing science and Improving both health and life quality through the research, development and launch of innovative, high quality products and services.

Our Mission

To provide our business partners effective and high quality dermoceuticals that help to improve skin health and thus a higher quality of life! our mission to meet the growing healthcare challenges of mankind in the changing world.

FactSheet of Swisskem Healthcare.

Social Compliances

We strongly follow the environment and social compliance. We strongly oppose the child labour. And fully committed for human & social values.

Cost Reduction

Our Departments

Customer Centric Approach
Research & Development
Team Co-ordination
Time Management

Skin & Beauty Care

Safe and easy to use

No Side Effects

Treat your body with the care

Medically Proven

Guranteed Results

Product Range

Our medicated skin, health and hair care products are formulated with extensive care to provide and rebuild defense of skin from inside.  Products that we offer hydrate, moisturize, revive and tone of the skin and provides complete hair care regimen in the most natural form. As formulators of these healthcare products, we take care of compositions of these products.

Our broad range of product line includes Medicated Soaps, Dermal Care Topical Products, Sunscreens, Anti-stretch Mark Creams, Skin Care Lotions, Shampoos, Glycolic Acids, Permethrin Lotions, Permethrin Soaps, Calamine Suspensions, Calamine Emulsions, Oils and many other products.